• Triple Berry Crisp

    Triple Berry Crisp

    We made this crisp with some leftover berries we had in the freezer. You know, that big Costco bag of frozen berries, it’s PERFECT for this recipe. Fresh berries are often more expensive anyway, so that’s why we decided to develop this recipe for you. We don’t need groceries costing more than they already do…anyway…

  • Cookies and Cream Cereal

    Cookies and Cream Cereal

    Cookie cereal?? Yes! Cookie cereal. Just a fun and different way to enjoy a cookie, that kids love! Remember Cookie Crisp? This is similar, and you can make cookie cereal with basically any cookie recipe, this is our take on cookies and cream cereal. Not as messy as dipping cookies into milk! For a fun […]

  • S’mores Brownies

    S’mores Brownies

    Nothing says “Summertime” more than the smell of s’mores cooking! This recipe is so easy it will become one of your summer regulars. So good, they are guaranteed to disappear the fastest at the summer BBQ! This recipe is for an easy and quick dessert. Normally I wouldn’t put a box mix of anything into […]