• Strawberry Orange Bread Pudding

    Strawberry Orange Bread Pudding

    This is one of our family’s go to favorites, the flavors can be changed seasonally and it’s made from ingredients you likely always have on-hand! If you are someone who likes an easy dessert, that’s rich and delicious, you’ve got to try bread pudding! Not only is it super simple, but you can use leftovers […]

  • Dark Chocolate Strawberry Brownies

    Dark Chocolate Strawberry Brownies

    We made these brownies for Valentine’s day, and they were a hit! The freeze dried strawberries add a hint of fruit flavor that complements the dark chocolate so well. Make sure you don’t use dried strawberries, huge difference between freeze dried and dried. The texture would be so wonky with dried. These brownies were so […]

  • Peach Cobbler

    Peach Cobbler

    We have quite a few get togethers over the summer. Recently we had one that we forgot about until hours before, and we were supposed to bring the dessert! (oops). I looked at the ingredients I had on-hand and decided to make a peach cobbler. Cobblers are kind of great like that, you just use […]