For little ones who love being in the kitchen

Cooking with your kids helps them to develop kitchen skills, self-confidence, create memories together and develop a knowledge base they can use for the rest of their lives!

We have found great joy cooking in the kitchen with our kiddos, and have found that it not only gives them valuable lessons and great skills, but is also a ton of fun! We know what you’re thinking: “My kids are too young”, “I don’t think that would work for us”, “How can I teach them if I barely know what I’m doing in the kitchen?”. Well they can, and so can you! Join us in our series, “Brooklyn & Bennett’s Baking Show” for some great recipes, wonderful walkthroughs, and quite possibly a good belly laugh. (Don’t worry, bloopers are included!)

Cookies and Cream Cereal

Cookie cereal?? Yes! Cookie cereal. Just a fun and different way to enjoy a cookie, that kids love! Remember Cookie Crisp? This is similar, and you can make cookie cereal with basically any cookie recipe, this is our take on cookies and cream cereal. Not as messy as dipping cookies into milk! For a fun […]

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